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December TESTING

our newest black belts

"We would like to say that S. B. Kim's class is an excellent class to take for those children and adults that would like to learn self-defense.  Tom at first was shy about getting into the class.  Once he made it through the door to actually watch a class he became less shy.  A classmate began to talk to him and his confidence grew.  He quickly participated in the class due to the camaraderie of the students in the class.  The teaching methods are such that no matter what belt levels you begin with you are an equal to everyone else in the teacher's eye.  Master Kim and Ms. Kristi teach at the level appropriate to the level of the student.  They are both very professional in their teaching methodologies.  Tom Loves the class and we are overjoyed that he has an outlet to get his energy out all the while learning self-defense and learning discipline plus teamwork.  Thank you both". T.L.

S.B. Kim's Martial Arts Academy

"I think Martial Arts has benefitted both us and Justice.  He has come a long way.  His teacher says he is a pleasure to have in class.  At home he shows more respect and listens more.  He really loves Martial Arts." J.B.

"Has helped build his confidence.  I love watching him learn and grow with his martial art family" L.C.

"Michael enjoys being "part of a team" and really looks forward to training.  He is becoming more disciplined, so he can continue his training here ." M .T.

"Martial Arts has benefitted me with my asthma condition and made me physically and mentally active." V.R.

"Mollie is slowly overcoming her shyness.  Martial Arts has given Mollie confidence in herself." M.K.

"Increased body movement and awareness.  Force without skill is meaningless.  It has aided in increased flexibility, as well as offered an alternative workout." N.T.

"Martial Arts has helped Julian be more confident and focused.  The combination of both physical and mental effort are an excellent fit for him.  Master Kim has the ability to set limits and encourage Julian so that he does his best.  We are very thankful to be students of Master Kim and watch Julian's skills grow/improve." D.L.

"Max's confidence has definitely soared.  Thank you!" V.B.

"Martial Arts has benefitted our family by teaching us to be responsible and respectful" K.R.

"My daughter has increased confidence in herself.  Every time she earns a higher belt, she is more focused to work harder at Martial Arts." S.M.

"Better focus, better discipline" I.C.

"He is learning self defense.  That is most important"D.P.

"Great workout, improved focus, exhibits more energy throughout the week." A.M.

"Jack understands how important respect is, and displays this respect at home and school." J.F.

"Martial Arts has taught my son to be focused."S.M.

"I have seen considerable improvement in Alex since he started Martial Arts with Master Kim." A.N.

"Exercise, discipline, and taking on the challenge of learning something new and beneficial." S.P.

lana Espino

Member since: 9/1/15      

CURRENT RANK: Red Belt            

AWARDS: Best of Testing 7/16/16




student of the month

​         Hi there! My name is Lana Espino, I’m 9 years  old.  I go to Collins Elementary School.  My birthday is May11.  I’m in the fourth grade.  Outside of martial arts, I do gymnastics.  My favorite kick is the speed kick.  What I like to do on my free time is play with slime.  Martial arts has helped me be brave, show girl power, not be scared, and finally learn self-defense.  I would like to say thank you to all the instructors for helping me with all those things.














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